Beagle Breeds

Beagle Breeds

Beagles are a very lovable breed of dog that is usually characterized by their large, floppy ears; broad head; short muzzle; and small stature. The breed was initially developed as scent hounds for tracking and as such have managed to establish for themselves a reputation of great “detective dogs”. Unfortunately for them, they are very popular in animal testing because they are inherently healthy and moderately tempered.
Beagle breeds date back to the 1700s, when they were used only for hunting and tracking. In general, Beagles were classified as a bit of slow learners compared to other breeds, but they manage to make up for that with their keen sense of smell and excellent stamina. They were primarily used for rabbit hunting but once fox hunting began to increase its popularity, so did the Foxhound Beagle breeds.
During the 1950s, scientists John Scott and John Fuller tested the sense of smell among various breeds of dogs. These tests were conducted by placing a mouse in an acre of land and then timing how long it took for each dog to find it. The Beagle breeds managed to find the mouse in less than a minute, while other breeds took as much as 10 minutes and some did not even manage to find it at all.
Beagles, regardless of the age, are very friendly dogs. Beagle breeds are very happy and amicable and they all share the desire to please everyone around them. They tend to be quite intelligent but can be easily distracted which makes training a bit more difficult than usual if you do not possess a great deal of patience and understanding. It is a very good idea to leash-train a Beagle, as their nose is able to quickly lead them in all directions, especially while they are outside where it’s full of mysterious new scents they have not sensed before.
Since Beagle breeds are so happy, energetic, and playful, they tend to be very bold and even a bit mischievous. However, with the right patient and dedicated trainer this is something that can be overcome. If they have undergone proper training, Beagles are able to socialize with other pets easily and can be a great dog for small children. It is a very rare occasion to come across an aggressive or timid Beagle.beagle breeds, puppy beagle
As I have already mentioned, Beagle breeds are very adventurous and energetic. With this breed, the training has to begin very early in the dog’s life so that you can later enjoy each others company every day. It is recommended that you start your lead training within the first few days after you have brought your puppy home. A very simple way to start this is by putting a collar or harness on the puppy. After they have started to feel more comfortable with the leash, slowly start moving towards walking them with one. Keep in mind that their noses are very strong and the Beagles are very curious. It might take some time and a great deal of patience from you so that the puppy can learn how the leash works and that they can no longer go wherever they please and whenever they please.
Beagles are short haired and are typically a mix of three colors. They can be any hound color but most of them appear a mix of tan, white, and brown or black. Grooming Beagles are quite easy, as they are average or below average shedders. Of course, you always have to keep their nails filed or clipped and important to clean their ears regularly. A simple brush along their coat once a day can be of great help in reducing their shedding. However, there won’t be many dog owners who will find shedding to be a problem because of the breeds’ very short hair. Getting the best dog food for beagles will help too!

The only warning that you should remember when getting a Beagle puppy is that they really love digging and can be quite vocal. Both of these traits can be significantly reduced or removed all together with the proper training, particularly if you start while the puppy is very young. On the other hand, if you do not train your Beagle breeds and let them run freely in your garden, you will very soon regret that decision when they start chewing on your favorite pair of shoes. Click here to learn more about having beagles as pets. Despite such these minor issues, this breed has so many benefits that it is really hard for a dog lover not to get one.

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