Beagles As Pets

Beagles As Pets


A beagle is a medium sized hound with average height between 13 and 16 inches. Initially, beagles were reared for rabbit hunting in packs because of their natural instincts. However, today, they have become more companionable, mischievous, healthy and charming members of the family. Generally, our furry friends find fulfillment in the company of humans and other dogs, and certainly do not like to be ignored or left alone.


Buzzing with life, a beagle is always enthusiastic and very energetic for all sorts of daily activities. If not exercised properly or taken for walks DAILY you can expect to come home to an over weight hound dog chewing your house to bits. A beagle has natural affinity for dirt and small creatures; it would be wise to always keep them on a lead as their natural instincts could suddenly take over. In my experience, they become selectively deaf with any small movement in their peripheral vision. It has been shown through several surveys that beagles are generally a healthy breed with very rare cases of hereditary infections or diseases.




In buying a puppy, it is very essential to get one from a specialist breeder where you will the opportunity to see the beagles puppies with their mother and possibly, their father. Obtaining a puppy beagle from a puppy superstore or pet shop may be too risky. It is advised that you visit the breeder several times before buy a beagle as this will give you the opportunity to get to know your puppy and monitor its health. When you bring your puppy home make sure you wrap them in a blanket and make sure they feel safe and loved. This will make your transition easier. Also, make sure you set up a special place for them in your home. Show them where they eat, sleep, and where to play. After all they are a part of the family now! If you are interested in adopting a beagle, whether it be a puppy or an adult, keep in mind you will have to spend a little more time breaking old habits and teaching new ones. You can teach an old dog new tricks, it just takes a little extra love and patience. This is VERY rewarding, especially when you know you have given an old dog a second chance at a life they should have had.


Beagles As Pets, Beagle PuppyTHE EARLY WEEKS

How well a beagle is treated or raised is very important in the growth of a little puppy both physically and emotionally. It is worthwhile to spend some time educating yourself on how a beagle should be raised. It is super important to be consistent in training your beagle, if not they could turn into a stubborn hound with selective hearing and only obey the rules they want. The best thing you can do with a new puppy is from about 12 weeks get them into a puppy school! Here you can learn first hand from a puppy expert. You will be able to get specific advice tailored to your new puppy, they will get a chance to socialize with other puppies, and you can get a start off by teaching your new puppy basic commands and potty training.





It’s a great idea to keep up with regular check ups at your local vet. Keep them feeling at home with their special blanket or stuffed toy (that is if they don’t chew it to bits). As your beagle is growing, keep up with regular de-worming and flea control. Beagles are easy to keep clean if brushed every day after walks or play. And regular bathing will help with hygiene and keeping the house clean.


Having beagles as pets is so rewarding! They are very happy mutts with lots of great energy! They LOVE kids and live for being a part of a family. Oh, and make sure you get a collar with their name and number on it, they love a chase and their sense of mischief can be either endearing or frustrating. :-)

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