Best Dog Food For Beagles

Best Dog Food For Beagles


Good food is the most important thing for your beagle. Beagles can gain weight quickly if fed poor quality food. A great diet can extend their life expectancy giving more time to love your beagle friend. Therefore, getting the best dog food for your beagle is the foundation of a long happy life.

Beagle puppies will nurse milk from their mothers up to about 8 weeks. Between, the age of 4 and 5 weeks, solid food can be steadily introduced. Processed foods especially canned foods are not recommended. Start off with a liquid gruel made with watered down grain free dry dog food.

Between 8 weeks to 6 months old, growth becomes very rapid and a regular feeding routine is important. Routine feeding patterns will kick off the beginning of beagle training. You’ve got to start with the end in mind. I made my puppy wait till I said it was ok for him to start eating. He learned patience right off the bat.

Really the best dog food for beagles is meat. Meats such as beef, venison, chicken, bison, turkey and sometimes yogurt, tofu, or eggs could be used for something different. The best way to boost your dog’s health is by feeding them with close to what they would have in the wild, unlike the processed canned or dried foods. Just keep in mind meat as the main ingredient. While it is not only muscle meats that are good but also organ meats such as liver or kidney and bones are beneficial.

A beagles’ digestive system is designed mainly for consuming meat. Feeding your dog with foods rich in grains, cereals, and junk fillers can lead to several types of chronic health problems. Fillers as such contain no nutrients, nor beneficial calories. Also, Beagles can be allergic to foods with colorings and additives. However, if an owner is compelled to buy a processed dog food, make sure when you read the ingredients it is mainly meat and little to no grains or fillers. If you don’t understand an ingredient, don’t buy dog food for beagles

In most cases, it’s easy to make food at home; it can be pricy if you don’t plan it out properly. However, buying the ingredients in bulk and freezing meals can save you some money. If you wish to feed your beagle some vegetables, it shouldn’t make up more than 35% of the whole meal. Carrots, peas, and broccoli are good although I found that broccoli might produce some stinky dog gas. If you feel the need for some starchy foods, I’d reach for rice or potatoes before going to any other grains. In addition, you can feed your beagles with some great supplements such as vitamins, minerals, and oils by mixing them into their meals or giving it to them in tablet form. I used to put tablets in a bit of cheese, worked every time!

Be very mindful NOT to feed your beagle your leftovers. Once Beagles become used to this, they may have difficulties in eating their own food. Also, some of the foods we eat are dangerous to a beagles’ digestive tract. This could have them gain weight quickly and/or develop stomach ulcers over time.

Conclusively, no matter the nature of food or the form it may be, the best dog food for beagles are meat based with grain free ingredients you can understand.

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